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Accessibility statement of Ressun lukio IB World School

This accessibility statement applies to the website Ressun lukio IB World School 001419 of the City of Helsinki. The site address is

Statutory provisions applicable to the website

This website was published prior to 23 September 2018. The website must fulfil the statutory accessibility requirements after the transitional period ending on 23 September 2020.

The objective of the city

As regards the accessibility of digital services, Helsinki aims to reach at least Level A and AA or above as set forth in the WCAG guidelines in so far as is reasonably practical.

Compliance status

This website meets the statutory critical accessibility requirements in accordance with Level AA of the WCAG v2.1 with the following deficiencies.

Non-accessible content

The content mentioned below does not yet meet all of the statutory accessibility requirements.

Deficiencies found

List the deficiencies found and appropriate corrective actions.

Critical problems

  • Problems with language determinations
    The site has problems with certain language attributes, causing potential problems for screen reader users. For example, all sites have a Finnish-language ‘Suoraan sisältöön’ (directly to the content) jump link regardless of the language of the site. The Facebook embeddings of the sites are also in English.
    (WCAG 2.1: Language of Parts, level AA).
  • Problems with the mobile menu
    It is not possible to focus on the navigation menu from the front page of the sites, and the status of the menu (open/closed) is not conveyed to a mobile screen reader.
    (WCAG 2.1, Keyboard, Focus Order and Name, Role, Value, level A).
  • Using the calendar with a screen reader
    The site may feature a calendar function that provides information about events at the upper secondary school. The calendar view is difficult to understand cognitively with a screen reader, for example. For example, the designated buttons on the calendar for upcoming and past events are described insufficiently. Furthermore, the user may accidentally end up browsing notifications for events that are a year away.
    (WCAG 2.1, Info and Relationships, and Name, Role, Value, level A).

Significant problems

  • Lacking or invalid alt attributes
    The site has images that lack an alternative text or have an insufficient description.
    (WCAG 2.1, Non-text Content, level A).
  • Insufficient contrast
    The contrast of the sites’ navigation menus and texts against the background is insufficient. Visually impaired users may have difficulties with seeing the text if the contrast with the background is too low.
    (WCAG 2.1, Contrast (Minimum), level AA).
  • No visible focus on the news slider
    When the images on the news slider are focused on with a keyboard, the focus has no visible indication (/focus). If the focus is not clearly displayed, visually or cognitively impaired persons may have difficulties with perceiving their location and navigation on the site.
    (WCAG 2.1, Focus Visible, level AA).
  • Accessibility problems with links
    The sites have links whose functionality is not clear to screen reader users. The link text may be unclear or the link may open a new window or a PDF file without warning.
    (WCAG 2.1, Link Purpose (In Context), level A, and Consistent Identification, level AA).
  • Missing embedding frame titles
    The sites have iFrame embedding frames without a title determination. Without it, not enough information about the contents of the frame is conveyed to a screen reader.
    (WCAG 2.1, Name, Role, Value, level A).

Other errors

  • Link marked only with colour
    Location links, i.e. bread crumb trail links, are only marked with colour. Using only colour to separate the element is not enough, and the user cannot be sure whether the marked text is a link if it is not clearly distinguished from the other text content.
    (WCAG 2.1 Use of Colour, level A).
  • HTML code used for formatting
    The sites have social media embeddings that have been formatted by using HTML style tags. This may cause a screen reader to read the HTML code instead of the content.
    (WCAG 2.1, Info and Relationships, level A).
  • Empty headers
    The pages have empty headers. This may confuse users, causing them to think that they have accidentally bypassed content or that their screen reader is malfunctioning.
    (WCAG 2.1 Parsing, level A).
  • Illogical titling
    The sites have headers that do not always run logically. Screen reader users may think that they have bypassed important content if the titling is not logical.
    (WCAG 2.1 Parsing, level A or AA).
  • Inconsistently marked elements
    (WCAG 2.1, Info and Relationships, level A).

Correcting deficiencies

The aim is to correct the deficiencies found so that the site can be used with a keyboard and assistive technologies. The corrective measures require that the operational principle of the used publication system is changed and that affects all the sites using the same system. The aim is to make the correction as soon as possible during a system update.

The City of Helsinki’s websites are being revised. As part of the revision Ressun lukio IB World School 001419 site will also be transferred to a new platform that meets the accessibility requirements. The transfer project will begin in late 2020 and is estimated to continue until the end of 2021 as regards the Education Division’s separate sites.

Obtaining information in an accessible form

Due to these deficiencies, you can request the non-accessible content from the administrator of this website.
Education Division Administration
Töysänkatu 2 D
00510 Helsinki
P.O.Box, 00099 City of Helsinki
or by e-mail at or through the feedback form at

Preparing an accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on 10/9/2020 and was last updated on 10/9/2020.

Assessment of accessibility

The working instruction and procedures of the City of Helsinki were followed when evaluating the accessibility of the site, with the aim of ensuring that websites are accessible in all stages of the work process.

Accessibility was evaluated by means of an audit by a third-party expert as well as self-evaluation.

The accessibility of the site was checked by using programmatic accessibility checking and checking the site manually. The functional observations made in the testing apply to both the desktop environment and the mobile device environment.

The programmatic checking was carried out by using Siteimprove’s automatic accessibility testing tool and browser extension.

The manual testing was carried out by using Chrome and Firefox browsers, their 200% modes and IT tools such as screen reader programs, controllers and special keyboards. The mobile testing was carried out by using iOS and Android operating systems and screen reader programs designed for them.

The third-party expert audit was carried out by Palvelukeskus Helsinki Ltd. The audit report can be downloaded at:, only in Finnish.

Updating the accessibility statement

When website technology or content changes, its accessibility must be ensured through constant monitoring and periodic checks. This statement will be updated in conjunction with website changes and accessibility evaluations.

Feedback and contact information

The entity responsible for site accessibility:
Education Division Administration
Töysänkatu 2 D
00510 Helsinki
P.O.Box, 00099 City of Helsinki

Reporting non-accessible content

If a user feels that accessibility requirements have not been met, they can report the issue by e-mail to or through the feedback form at .

Requesting information in an accessible format

If a user feels that content on a website is not available in an accessible format, they can request for this information by e-mail at or through the feedback form at . The aim is to reply to the enquiry within a reasonable time frame.

Legal protection of accessibility, Enforcement procedure

If a user feels that their report or enquiry has not received a response or that the response is unsatisfactory, they can report the issue to the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland. The website of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland explains in detail how the matter will be processed.

Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland
Accessibility monitoring unit
Telephone exchange +358 295 016 000
Open: Mon-Fri at 8:00–16:15

The City of Helsinki and accessibility

The objective of the city of Helsinki is to be an accessible city to all. Helsinki aims to ensure that all residents are able to move about and act as effortlessly as possible and that all content and services are accessible to all.
The city promotes accessibility of digital services by streamlining publishing work and organising accessibility-related training for its staff.

The accessibility level of websites is monitored constantly during their maintenance. Immediate action will be taken if deficiencies are found. The aim is to carry out the necessary amendments as quickly as possible.

The disabled and users of assistive technologies

The city provides counselling and support for the disabled and users of assistive technologies. Support is available on guidance sites announced on the city’s website and through telephone counselling.

Approval of the accessibility statement

This statement was approved by 10/9/2020.
Education Division Communication Services
Töysänkatu 2 D
00510 Helsinki
P.O.Box 51300, 00099 City of Helsinki

04.10.2021 14:00