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General upper secondary studies

Students at general upper secondary schools study a wide variety of subjects including their first language and foreign languages, mathematics and sciences, arts and social sciences, religion or ethics, health education, physical education, and crafts and art.

Contemporary general upper secondary schools also teach students outside classroom and utilize information and communication technology. Studies incorporate joint activities with national and international educational institutions and workplaces.

General upper secondary studies are divided into compulsory, specialized and applied courses. Students choose their courses themselves and progress in their studies according to their personal study plans.

The minimum requirement for completing general upper secondary education is completion of 75 courses. The syllabus can be completed in 2-4 years. The majority of students complete the syllabus in 3 years. After completing the syllabus, students take the Matriculation Examination.

After completing general upper secondary education, students can apply to further education at universities or general-upper-secondary-education based vocational education.

City of Helsinki general upper secondary schools allow students to focus on certain studies. Six schools provide extensive offerings in certain subjects defined by a national programme for school specialization: visual art, sciences, languages, performing arts, physical education, and music and dance. There are also special syllabuses focusing on media studies, travel and tourism, and logistics.

Students can pick courses from their own school, schools of the same general upper secondary school campus and, in some subjects, all general upper secondary schools in Helsinki. They can also study online at the Helsinki eCampus (Stadin eKampus).

Instruction, meals and student health care are free of charge at general upper secondary schools, but students acquire and pay for their books and other learning materials.

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