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Special diets

The pupils and students of schools and educational institutions are provided with special diets on medical grounds based on a medical certificate. A medical certificate is not required for a low-lactose diet, vegetarian diets or diets based on religious beliefs. The information on the special diet form is reviewed annually.

Notification of a vegetarian diet and a diet based on religious beliefs must also be done using the special diet form. Diets based on religious beliefs are usually arranged based on the normal basic and vegetarian meal options.

The medical certificate and the special diet form filled out based on the certificate should be submitted to the school nurse. The school nurse then delivers the special diet form to the kitchen. More detailed descriptions of the implementation of special diets at schools and educational institutions are provided in the special diets form and the special diet instructions.

The product information available in the school cafeteria helps find out whether an individual dish is suitable for a certain special diet.

School menus

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