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Private daycare allowance for children in pre-primary education in 2021-2022

The Finnish state benefits agency, Kela, pays private care allowance for pre-primary education aged children (age 6) who are in private early childhood education during the period of pre-primary education (August-May) as follows:

For a pre-primary education aged child who is in part-time early childhood education and care, the private daycare allowance is 64.24 EUR per month and the possible amount of the care supplement is half of the usual, i.e. up to 73.41 EUR per month. If the child participates only in pre-primary education, private care allowance will not be paid. Children in pre-primary education will not be paid an additional Helsinki supplement, except for families receiving a care supplement will be paid a so-call Helsinki supplement of 60 EUR per month. However, a service provider of private early childhood education and care who has the licence to arrange pre-primary education can apply for a pre-primary education allowance of 470 EUR per month from the City of Helsinki.

Kela's website: Private day care allowance

Private daycare in different languages

See list of private pre-rimary education providers on the PDF file (available in Finnish only):
Private pre-primary education providers in Helsinki 2021-2022 (PDF)

Allowance payments for the summer period 1 June–31 July

The Helsinki supplement for pre-primary education aged children is paid in full for the summer season for early childhood education and care lasting more than 25 hours a week.

If the client is also receiving private daycare allowance, or it has been paid for the months preceding June, there is no need to do anything specific about private daycare allowance. The amount of allowance paid for June and July will be changed by Kela if the client has applied for allowance until the end of July or for the time being, and there will be no changes in the child's care contract, care periods or care fees.

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