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Pre-primary education in Swedish

The City of Helsinki organises pre-primary education in Swedish as language immersion and as Swedish-enriched pre-primary education. In addition to the options run by the City, a few private daycare centres in Helsinki offer Swedish-language options for pre-primary education.

If you wish to apply to pre-primary education that is entirely in Swedish, apply via the Education Division’s Swedish service department (page in Swedish)

Swedish-language immersion

Swedish-language immersion paths in Helsinki start in the early childhood education. Children who have started in Swedish-language immersion in daycare automatically get a place in the Swedish-language immersion in pre-primary education according to their own language immersion paths. If there are free places in the Swedish-language immersion groups, new children who start language immersion in pre-primary education stage can be admitted. It is recommended, however, that children start Swedish-language immersion before going to pre-primary education in the year they turn six.

To learn more about the Swedish-language immersion programme and the paths, see the Early Childhood Education in Swedish page.

Swedish-language immersion daycare centres offering pre-primary education

How to apply to Swedish-language immersion in pre-primary education

Children who have a place in Swedish-language immersion daycare automatically continue in the programme when they move on to pre-primary education in the year they turn six. Children always follow their own language immersion path.

  • If you want your child to start in the Swedish-language immersion in pre-primary education, apply for a place by submitting the Application for pre-primary education in the City of Helsinki e-Services.
  • Choose the preferred daycare centre(s). To select the daycare centers you prefer, first choose the area and area specification (district) as follows:
    • Daycare Linnunlaulu: Keskinen area, Kallio district
    • Daycare Elias: Eteläinen area, Kampinmalmi district (i.e. Etu-Töölö, Kamppi, Ruoholahti, Jätkäsaari)
    • Daycare Lokki: Eteläinen area, Lauttasaari district
    • Daycare Myllytonttu: Itäinen area, Vartiokylä district (i.e. Itäkeskus, Vartioharju, Puotila)
    • Daycare Nuotti: Koillinen area, Pukinmäki district
    • Daycare Pihlaja: Läntinen area, Reijola district (i.e. Meilahti, Ruskeasuo, Pikku Huopalahti)
    • Daycare Roihuvuori: Kaakkoinen area, Herttoniemi district
    • Daycare Ruskeasuo: Läntinen area, Reijola (i.e. Meilahti, Ruskeasuo, Pikku Huopalahti)
    • Daycare Veräjämäki: Pohjoinen area, Oulunkylä district
    • Daycare Vihtori: Koillinen area, Pukinmäki district
  • In the additional information field, type in that your child is applying for a place in the the Swedish-language immersion group.
  • The annual application period closes on 31 March and families receive the decisions by the end of April.
  • You can also apply to Swedish-language immersion outside the application period, and get a place if there are places left in the groups.

Swedish should be a new language to the child, and one of the home languages should be Finnish. It is also important that the family is willing to commit to the programme for the duration of the child’s language immersion path from pre-primary education to the end of ninth grade in comprehensive school.

Children who have siblings in language immersion in grades 1-2 are given priority in the admissions. If there are more applicants than there are free places, the places will be decided by drawing lots.

Swedish-enriched pre-primary education

Language-enriched pre-primary education is bilingual education in which 10-25% of the activities are in Swedish and the rest is in Finnish. In Swedish-enriched pre-primary education, Swedish is used alongside Finnish in play, songs and other activities. The aim of the language-enriched pre-primary education is to familiarise the child with the Swedish language and to create a positive attitude towards language learning. Swedish-enriched pre-primary education is currently offered in one daycare centre run by the City of Helsinki.

Daycare centre offering Swedish-enriched pre-primary education

How to apply to Swedish-enriched pre-primary education

  • Places in Swedish-enriched pre-primary education are primarily offered to children who live in the admission area of the daycare centre that offers Swedish-enriched pre-primary education.
  • Children living in other admission areas of pre-primary education can also apply for and get a place in if there are free places in the group.
  • Apply for a place in the City of Helsinki e-Services by submitting an Applicaiton for pre-primary education. application.
  • Choose the Daycare Satama as your preferred daycare centre. Find it by first choosing Kaakkoinen area and Herttoniemi district. 
  • Type in the Additional information field that you wish to have a place in the Swedish-enriched pre-primary education group.

Options in private daycare centres

There are two private daycare centres in Helsinki that offer pre-primary education in Swedish. The amount of Swedish might vary between daycare centres. Learn more about the options on the daycare centres’ own websites via the links below.

Apply to private daycare centre by contacting the daycare centre directly.

Daycare centres offering pre-primary education in Swedish

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