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Pre-primary Education in North Sami

Daycare Susanna in the West Pasila district organises pre-primary education in North Sami at Pasila Comprehensive School. Pre-primary education in North Sami is based on the Sami values of language, family, community, strong identity, nature, traditional livelihoods, equality and humanity, multiculturalism, peace and peace-making. The aim of the North Sami-language pre-primary education is to teach a child to become an independent, responsible and social individual, and to support the development of a child's linguistic skills.

How to apply to pre-primary education in North Sami 

  • All children are welcome to North Sami pre-primary education, and no previous knowledge of the North Sami language is required.
  • Apply to early childhood education in North Sami on the City of Helsinki e-Services  by submitting an Application for pre-primary education. 
  • Choosing Daycare Susanna as your preferred daycare centre (first choose Keskinen as area and Pasila as district). 
  • Type in in the additional information field that the child is applying to the North Sami-language pre-primary education.

24.06.2021 11:12