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Pre-primary education

infopainikkeen kuva

Communication between pre-primary education and children who are at home, Notice to guardians 17 April 2020
The instructions for guardians on the use of video (in Finnish)

Xiriirka waxbarasho-horaadka ee cunugga guriga jooga, Wargelin waalidiinta ku socota 17.4.2020
Halkan ayeey ku lifaaqan yihiin tilmaamaha waalidiinta loogu talagalay ee ku saabsan sida fiidiyowga la iskula xiriirayo (in Finnish)

Удаленное общение на дому с ребенком, посещающим подготовительную группу, Информация для родителей / законных представителей детей 17.04.2020
Инструкция для законных представителей детей по пользованию видеосвязью прилагается (in Finnish)

تواصل التعليم التمهيدي مع الطفل الموجود في البيت, 2020/4/16/ نشرة معلومات لأولياء الأمور 
The instructions for guardians on the use of video (in Finnish)

Pre-primary education is provided for children in the year preceding primary school in basic education. Pre-primary school days are four hours long during the regular school year. When you enrol your child in pre-primary education, you can apply for municipal daycare, which supplements the pre-primary education.

Pre-primary education is binding. This means that the child must participate in a year-long activity of pre-primary education or another form of educational activity, which fulfils the compulsory goals for pre-primary education in the year preceding their basic education.

Pre-primary education promotes and supports children's growth, development and learning, and it enables a smooth transition from the pre-primary environment to school. Pre-primary education provides a good basis for life-long learning.

Teaching methods in pre-primary education acknowledge that a child learns through play, movement, creativity, experimentation, observation and questioning in interaction with other children and adults. 

Welcome to pre-primary school 2020-2021

Welcome to pre-primary school 2020-2021 (in russia)

Welcome to pre-primary school 2020-2021 (in arabic)

Welcome to pre-primary school 2020-2021 (in somali)


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Extended compulsory education

A child is included in extended compulsory education if he/she will not be able to achieve the prescribed goals of education in nine years because of a severe disability or illness.