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Preschool education

Preschool education is provided for children in the year preceding their compulsory education. The preschool day is 4 hours during the regular school year. As parents enroll their children in preschool, they can apply for municipal daycare provided complementary to preschool education.

Preschool education is binding. This means that the child must participate in a year-long activity of preschool education or other forms of compulsory targets for preschool education the year preceding their compulsory education.

Preschool education promotes and supports children's growth, development and learning, and it enables children to transition smoothly from the preschool environment to school. Preschool provides a good basis for life-long learning.

Preschool teaching methods take into account children's comprehensive manner of functioning and learning through play, movement, creative activities, experimentation, observation and questioning, in interaction with other children and adults.

Welcome to Pre-Primary-school 2019-2020

Welcome to Pre-Primary-school 2019-2020 (in russia)

Welcome to Pre-Primary-school 2019-2020 (in somali)

Daycare centres providing Preschool education 2019-2020

Daycare centres providing Preschool education 2018-2019


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Extended compulsory education

A child is included in extended compulsory education if he/she will not be able to achieve the prescribed goals of education in nine years because of a severe disability or illness.