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Applying to preschool education

Pre-primary education is mainly applied for using an electronic application. The application period is 9–25 January 2017.
If you are applying for a pre-primary education place at a private day-care centre, contact the day-care centre of your choice

Information of a child's pre-school place will be sent to parents at the latest during week 15.

More information about applying to preschool education

Applying to daycare

An application to daycare should be made no later than 4 months prior to the need for care or immediately when the need for care is known. An application is valid for 12 months.

An application to municipal daycare, preschool education and outsourced daycare is made online. When you apply for daycare online, you must first register in the service as a user with your online banking user ID and code.

You can apply for daycare online only if your child has a Finnish personal identification code.

An application to daycare can be made by using and fulfilling a printed form in the following cases:

  • The child has no Finnish personal identification code.
  • The family has no Finnish online banking user ID and codes.
  • Online application is not possible for another reason.

If you apply for private daycare or preschool education at a private daycare centre, contact the daycare centre directly.

Applying to daycare

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Applying for a play club

Playgroup club activities are organized at daycare centres and playgrounds. The club activities are free of charge.

Applying for a play club