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Options for early childhood education

Daycare at daycare centres

  • Early childhood education as daycare is offered at municipal and private daycare units.
  • An application for municipal daycare should be submitted no later than four months before the child needs daycare.
  • For Finnish and North Sami (daycare Susanna) early childhood education, applications are submitted on the City of Helsinki E-Services.
  • For Swedish early childhood education, applications are submitted on the Asti online service from 12.8.2020 onwards.
  • For private daycare, please contact a private daycare unit’s manager directly.
  • See more information on day care fees.

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Family daycare

  • Family daycare can be
    group family daycare in municipal or private facilities 
    - three-family daycare at the families' homes
    - family daycare at a caregiver's home.
  • An electronic application to municipal family daycare must be sent four months prior to the need for care.
  • For information on private family daycare providers, please contact Service coordinator Auli Stenberg by email at, or by phone on 09 310 62422.

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Playgroup activities

  • Playgroups are organised by municipal daycare centres and playgrounds.
  • All playgroups are free of charge.
  • Playgroups are for children age 2 to 5.
  • Playgroups operate from one to four days a week for approximately three hours per day.
  • In addition to the municipal playgroups, there are private playgroups that entitle you to apply for a service voucher.

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Home care

The child can be cared at home by a parent, guardian, relative, or by a hired caregiver. The caregiver can apply for the home care allowance and the Helsinki supplement. In order to be eligible for home care allowance, the child must be under the age of three and is not attending municipal daycare. Home care allowance and the Helsinki supplement are applied from Kela.

Hiring a caregiver at home

  • A family can hire a caregiver and receive home care allowance or private care allowance.
  • The family is responsible for finding and recruiting the caregiver.
  • Prior to employing a caregiver, the family or the caregiver candidate books an appointment for an interview at the Helsinki Education Division.
  • Two or more families can employ a shared caregiver, and apply for home care allowance or private care allowance from Kela. 

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Temporary daycare

  • Temporary daycare can be organised in urgent cases, depending on the daycare unit’s capacity.
  • For further information on temporary daycare, please contact the daycare unit’s manager or family daycare supervisor directly.

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