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Hiring a caregiver at home

A family can hire a caregiver at home with the child home care allowance if the child is under three years of age, and with the private daycare allowance if the child is under school age. Two families can also hire a caregiver together.

When hiring a caregiver at home, the family is considered as an employer and must enter into an employment contract with the selected caregiver. The home care and private daycare allowances include the basic allowance, the income-dependent care supplement and the Helsinki supplement, which is paid in conjunction with the private daycare allowance.

  • Should a family wish to hire a caregiver, they must find and choose the appropriate care provider.
  • The caregiver selected by the family – or the family – must set up a meeting with a representative of the Education Division to receive approval for their operations.
    The appointment can be made by calling the service information line on tel. 09 3104 4986
    Mon–Fri 10 am – 4 pm.
  • The caregiver must bring to the meeting identification, a copy of the employment contract and the Kela form “Information form – Private daycare allowance – Daycare provider” (form WH2).
    The form can be found on the Kela website.
  • After the meeting, the Ecucation Division will send the WH2 form and the copy of the employment contract to Kela.
  • The family, in turn, must fill in and submit the private daycare allowance application to Kela (“Claim - Child home care allowance - Private daycare allowance”, form WH1).
    The form can be found on the Kela website.
  • The caregiver must have completed at least basic education. The caregiver cannot be a person living in the same household or an au pair.
  • The employment contract must indicate the employer and employee, duration of the contract, daily working hours, pay and payment date, the children to be cared for, the work tasks and the period of notice.
  • Kela will make the decision and inform the family and the caregiver.
  • The family is responsible for the orientation and supervision of the caregiver.
  • As the employer, the family must ask the caregiver to present an extract from the criminal record. The caregiver can order one from the Legal Register Centre at
  • The family must take care of the payments applicable to small employers; more information is available at
    Instructions regarding employer expenses are also available at and
  • In-home caregivers can also be hired through companies that provide them. In this case, the family can use household deductions for financial support.
    More information can be found in the Kela brochure Kotitalous työnantajana (Household as an employer) (pdf in Finnish)

More information

Information on employment matters on the labour administration website
Model of an employment contract form on the website


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Private daycare allowance

A family can also use the private daycare allowance applied for from Kela to hire an in-home caregiver. The amount of the allowance varies according to the child's age.