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Helsinki supplement for adopted children

Families who have adopted a child at least three years of age are entitled to the Helsinki supplement for adopted children. The amount of the Helsinki supplement is €134.55 a month, which is paid for a period that ends when two years have passed from the beginning of the parental allowance period.

The supplement can be applied for with the City of Helsinki. For the municipal supplement, a copy of the Kela decision on child home care subsidy must be appended to the application, along with the tax card for benefits, which must be ordered separately.

The application must be returned to the following address:
Helsingin kaupunki
Kasvatuksen ja koulutuksen toimiala
hallintoassistentti Pirjo Karhunen
PL 51300, 00099 Helsingin kaupunki

More information
Early Education Consultant
Pirjo Pekkala
tel. 09 3105 6404

06.12.2019 16:59