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Home care allowance and Helsinki supplement

If a family has a child under 3 years of age, the parents can choose to receive home care allowance as an alternative to municipal daycare services.

Changes to the municipal supplement to the child home care allowance from May 2019 (pdf)

The home care allowance consists of

  • basic allowance
  • income-dependent care supplement
  • Helsinki supplement.
Home care allowance Care allowance Care allowance supplement* Helsinki
in total
When a family has a child under 18 months of age 338,34 0-181,07 264 602,34-784,41
When a family has a child aged 18-24 months 338,34 0-181,07 218,64 556,98-738,05
When a child has turned 2 but is under 3 years of age 338,34 0-181,07 0 338,34-519,41

*The care allowance supplement is determined by the income of the family.
**The Helsinki supplement is only paid for the family’s youngest child.

If there are other siblings in the family who are under the age of 3, each child is entitled to a total of 102,17 EUR.

When the siblings are over the age of 3, but under school age, they are entitled to 65,05 EUR/child.

The home care allowance with the Helsinki supplement can be applied from Kela (form WH1e).

Families who have adopted a child at least three years of age are entitled to the Helsinki supplement for adopted children.

Allowance for families with two or more children is for families into which more than one child have been born or adopted at the same time.

التغيير الذي سيطرأ على إضافة البلدية لدعم الرعاية المنزلية من شهر مايو 2019 (pdf)
Изменение муниципальной надбавки к пособию на воспитание детей на дому с мая 2019 года (pdf)
Modification relative au supplément communal de l'allocation de garde à domicile à partir du mois de mai 2019 (pdf)
Kohaliku omavalitsuse lisatoetuse maksmise muudatus alates maist2019 (pdf)
Isbeddel ku imaanaya taageerada guri ku haynta ee dheeraadka degmada laga billaabo Maajo 2019 (pdf)


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