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Three-family daycare

Family daycare is also arranged in children's homes by three-family daycare providers. A daycare group comprises four children from one or several families. The care is offered in the families’ homes.

Daycare group in three-family daycare

One group comprises four children under school age. One child in the preschool age who requires part time daycare can be included in the group. The care circle can comprise 1 to 4 families. The care activities usually take place in a different family’s home each week. Three family daycare requires flexibility and teamwork skills from the parents.

Children in three-family daycare are insured during the care days. The city insurance does not cover damage to any items.

Applying for three-family daycare

Applications for three-family daycare must be submitted on an electronic application form no later than four months before the beginning of the service need. In the form, the family daycare option must be selected, and then three-family daycare. The decision on the daycare placement will be made by the family daycare coordinator.

More information on three-family daycare and daycare placements can be obtained from the family daycare coordinator of your area.

The family daycare coordinators can be found on the web pages of the family daycare areas.

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