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When early childhood education starts

When a child starts in early childhood education, the guardians can book an appointment with the daycare staff to discuss their hopes and expectations regarding their child’s early childhood education. In these talks, the daycare staff can explain what the children do and learn at daycare, what the daily schedule is like, and what kind of clothing do the children need to bring along for indoor and outdoor activities.

The guardians and daycare staff can also agree on a daycare induction period, depending on the child’s needs. An induction period is normally a one-week period, during which the child gets familiar with the daycare centre, the staff and other children. A guardian or another close adult can accompany the child during the induction week. The aim is that the child gets to play with peers and daycare staff in advance, and to secure a smooth and enjoyable start in daycare and early childhood education.

04.12.2020 12:14