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We provide information regarding daycare, playgrounds activities and play clubs.

tel. 09 310 44986
Mon-Fri 10-12 and 13-15

You can also ask questions from the service advisors using the feedback form.

Frequently asked questions

In matters regarding Swedish-speaking daycare units, please contact the information service of the Education Department at 
09 3108 6400.

Daycare fees - information

Daycare Fee Unit

Daycare Fee Unit is closed on monday 13.5. The service is open again on tuesday 14.5.

Telephone time Mon-Fri 9-11
Personal appointment Mon-Fri 9-15

P.O. Box 3001, FI-00099 City of Helsinki
Street address: Töysänkatu 2 D
FI-00510 Helsinki
tel. 09 310 8600 (exchange)

Since the e-mail data security of the customer fee unit has not been confirmed, personal information, such as personal identity numbers or income information, should not be mentioned in e-mail messages.

Daycare areas 

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