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Picking up a child from daycare

The times when the child will be brought in and picked up are agreed with the parents and recorded in the child's early education and preschool education plan. Where necessary, the child's transport arrangements are agreed upon separately with joint custody parents. It is the duty of the staff to ensure that the child's way home is safe. In principle, children should not travel home without an escort to ensure sufficient safety.

The safety of the way home is evaluated when the child is brought to or leaves from daycare based on the available information. The assessment is affected by

  • the child's age and development level
  • the age of the person picking up the child and his/her capability to ensure the child's safety
  • the length of the way home
  • risks caused by traffic, such as a lack of pedestrian routes, road crossings and the amount of traffic in the area
  • other risks, such as the child's health, time of day, weather and any possible threats and hazards caused by the environment

Clothing and other items

While in daycare, children require indoor and outdoor clothing suitable for the weather, and sometimes other items, such as push chairs and toys, are also brought in. Parents should mark their child's clothes and items with the child's name to facilitate day-to-day activities at the daycare centre.

Some children have skin that is very sensitive to the sun's UV radiation. If necessary, parents should either bring in sunscreen carrying their child's name and/or protect the child's skin at home with strong sunscreen.

It is not possible to store the children's clothing and items in a locked or monitored room at the daycare centre. Therefore, when selecting their child's clothing and other items to be brought to the daycare centre, parents should bear in mind that the daycare centre cannot be held liable for any damage or lost property.

Damage caused by the child

In the event that a child damages another person's property, the city is not responsible for this damage or any related compensation. Compensation can be applied for from the family's home insurance.


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