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Free paternity allowance period

Daycare placements are retained during the paternity allowance period

When a child in daycare stays home for the paternity allowance period, the right to the same daycare placement is retained and the monthly payment is reduced based on the days of absence. The parents must deliver Kela's decision on the paternity leave to the daycare unit so that the interruption in care can be recorded.

The daycare unit must be notified of an absence caused by a paternity allowance period no later than two weeks before the intended start date.

The maximum length of the paternity allowance period is 54 weekdays (incl. Saturday), and it is provided when the child is less than two years old. The paternity leave can be divided into no more than four 1–18 weekday periods. Paternity leave following the parental allowance period can be divided into two periods.

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