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The meals are arranged by Palmia, with some exceptions.

Daycare centre's menu

The daycare centres have a single set menu. Also, the round-the-clock daycare centres have a menu of their own. You can access the menu for each daycare centre by visiting the daycare centre's website (in Finnish) and clicking the link ruokalista.

Daycare centres' menu

Municipal daycare centres in alphabetical order 

Special diet

In the City of Helsinki’s day care centres, a special diet is arranged for children for health reasons.

The day care centre must be notified of the special diet by filling in the form and delivering it to the day care centre director. A medical certificate must be enclosed with the form when necessary.

Lactose intolerance does not require a medical certificate

Children suffering from mild allergy symptoms, such as itchiness of the mouth and skin flushing, or lactose intolerance do not need specific examinations or certificates. It is enough that these things are observed during meals and the food items in question are avoided.

Lactose intolerance is an inconvenient but harmless condition. It is not an illness or allergic symptom. A sensible approach is to avoid products containing lactose according to individual tolerance or use the low-lactose products available. The sufficient intake of calcium should be ensured by taking calcium tablets, if necessary.

A religious or ethical diet does not require a medical certificate

If the child follows a religious or ethical diet, a medical certificate is not needed. The notification is made using the special diet form.

When is a medical certificate necessary?

A medical certificate for a special diet is needed when the child has diabetes or coeliac disease or suffers from severe allergic symptoms caused by certain food items. The most common causes of severe allergic reactions are milk, egg, wheat, fish and nuts. 

A medical certificate is also needed if the child suffers from congenital lactase deficiency, which is a severe gastrointestinal disorder. This disorder is very rare.

Common practices

All of the City of Helsinki’s day care centres, schools, upper secondary schools and other educational institutions follow the same common practices for special diets, which are based on the national allergy programme. Helsinki also wants to provide children on special diets with nutritionally well-balanced and tasty food.

Special diet forms (pdf)

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