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Joint custody

Pursuant to the Act on Child Custody and Right of Access (section 5, subsection 1), parents must make decisions regarding a child's care together or a court of law will decide upon the division of duties between the guardians/parents.

Daycare services may be applied for by the main care provider with whom the child resides. Therefore, joint custody parents must agree upon cooperation and access to information concerning the child's daycare.

From the perspective of the daycare staff, the joint custody parents are considered child-rearing partners. The practical arrangement of the child's daycare, such as the length of the daily care and holidays, are usually agreed upon with the main care provider. The notifications sent home with the children must be delivered to the main care provider. If necessary, the person who will pick up the child is agreed upon separately with both parents.

The implementation of the child's early education is primarily discussed together with both parents or, alternatively, with the main care provider. The varying views of both parents on education and child rearing can also be recorded in the child's early education plan.

Child supervisors help families in matters related to paternity, custody, housing, visiting rights and alimony.

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