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Daycare instructions

These instructions and practice are observed at municipal day care centres, family day care, clubs and, where applicable, private day care units.


  • Picking up a child from daycare
  • Clothing and other items
  • Damage caused by the child


  • Daycare centre menu
  • Special diet


  • Health care
  • Daily hygiene
  • Children's dental care


  • Illness and return to daycare
  • Medical care
  • Treatment of epidemics
  • Impact of illness on the daycare fee
  • Useful numbers and links


  • Treatment of injuries
  • Injury reports to insurance companies and coverage of treatment costs

Parents committees

Joint custody

Free paternity allowance period

Trips and events

Daycare place allocation and acceptance

Familiarisation with daycare

Appealing the daycare decision

Daycare place transfer

Daycare suspension and termination

Use of daycare across municipal borders

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