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Language enriched preschool education

In up to 25 % of the activities the language of instruction is some other language than Finnish in language-enriched, i.e. limited bilingual preschool education. Language-enriched preschool education is organised in Swedish, French, Russian, English and Spanish. Activities in the target language are a regular and natural part of the group’s operation.

There are four itinerant language-enriched preschool teachers in Helsinki, who teach and act in preschool groups using their own target language and enable the children to learn languages as part of preschool education. In language-enriched preschool education, the target language is used alongside Finnish by way of play, song and functional methods. The goal of language-enriched preschool education is to familiarise the children with the new language and foster a positive attitude towards learning a new language. Language-enriched preschool education acts as a natural support for multilingualism and the meeting of cultures.

Language-enriched preschool education is provided in the following daycare centres:

  • French: Auringonkukka, Satakieli, Valkea and Toivo
  • Swedish: Satama
  • Russian: Leipuri and Myllyratas
  • English: Aapiskukko, Franzenia, Hertta, Herttua, Himmeli, Kanava, Kulosaari, Maunula, Merituuli, Pacius, Perttu, Sakara, Suurmetsä, Vaskiniitty and Viikinki
  • Spanish: Alku-Käpylinna and Kesäheinä

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