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Language enriched pre-primary education

In language-enriched pre-primary education, up to 25% of the activities are in other language than Finnish. Language-enriched pre-primary education is offered in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Activities in the target language are a regular and natural part of the group’s operation.

In language-enriched pre-primary education, the target language is used alongside Finnish in play, songs and other daily activities. The goal of language-enriched pre-primary education is to familiarise the children with the new language and foster a positive attitude towards learning a new language. Language-enriched pre-primary education acts as a natural support for multilingualism and the meeting of cultures.

What is pre-primary education?

Pre-primary education is part of the compulsory education in Finland. This one-year education usually takes place in the year the child turns six, right after early childhood education (daycare), and before the child goes to school. Pre-primary education is usually organised by the daycare centres. In pre-primary education, children learn skills that they need in basic education, and the aim is to offer each child a smooth transition to school. 

Daycare centres that offer language-enriched pre-primary education

Learn more about the daycare centres on their websites via the links below. The websites are currently available in Finnish only.

French-enriched pre-primary education

German-enriched pre-primary education

Russian-enriched pre-primary education

Spanish-enriched pre-primary education

Swedish-enriched pre-primary education

English-enriched pre-primary education

Links to be added soon:

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