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Applying to daycare

Applying for Early Childhood Education and Accepting a Place

Applications for municipal early childhood education and daycare should be submitted no later than four months before the child needs daycare, or soon as possible.

You can search for your nearest municipal and private daycare units on the Helsinki Area Service Map based on your postcode or postal address. Private daycare units can be searched by postcode or viewed in an alphabetised list. If you are applying for private daycare, please contact the private daycare units directly.

You can search for municipal daycare centres by district or browse them in alphabetical order here: Finnish daycare centres and Swedish daycare centres. Applications for the City of Helsinki’s early childhood education are submitted online via two different online services, depending on the language in which the applied service will be provided.

After registering, both systems will create a personal e-services folder for the user. Application status and decisions on daycare placements can be checked in this folder. Decisions on the early childhood education places will appear online approximately one month prior to the preferred start date for care. Please make sure your email address and phone number are up-to-date. An application is valid for one year.

If you wish to apply for early childhood education in any other domestic language (Finnish, Swedish or Sami) as a second or third option, please contact the daycare unit’s manager in your first option and let them know about your second and third alternatives.

Please see Helsinki's daycare units and family daycare districts’ contact details on their websites.

Read more about the application process and how to fill in the online application.

Applying on Paper

You can apply for early childhood education by paper application form in the following situations:

  • the family members do not have Finnish personal identity numbers
  • the family does not have Finnish online bank identification
  • submitting an electronic application is not possible for other reasons.

Send the completed form by post or deliver it personally to the early childhood education unit of your choice. Please book an appointment in advance for submitting your application. 

Application form for Early Childhood Education in Helsinki.

Daycare Place Allocation

Places for early childhood education are allocated according to the family’s first daycare preference. If there are no places left in the first daycare preference, the daycare unit’s manager or group daycare supervisor will discuss other available options with the family before making a final decision.  

Early childhood education customer service

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