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How to enrol in preparatory education

Preparatory education requires prior registration. It may be started in the middle of a school year. Enrol your child in school only after the child has moved to Finland.

Here is how you can enrol your child in preparatory education

Age 7–8:

  1. Find your nearest school on the service map. Enter your home address in the search field. A list indicating your local school will be displayed below.
  2. Fill in this form. If you need help with the form, please contact the principal.
  3. Send or bring the form directly to the principal of your local school.

Age 9–17:

  1. Fill in this form. If you need help with the form, please contact the planning officer.
  2. Send the filled in form via secure email to or by post to Preparatory Education, Education Division, PO BOX 51300.
  3. The school will contact you when they are ready to enrol your child.

Planning officer's contact information

Hannaleena Maarianvaara
puhelin: 09 3102 8105
PL 51300
00099 Helsingin kaupunki

Here is how you can enrol your child at preparatory education in pre-primary education

A pre-primary education aged child (age 6) has arrived in Finland:

  1. Find the nearest daycare centre on the service map.
  2. Make an appointment with the daycare centre to file your application.
  3. You can fill in the application form in advance or during the appointment.

A child is in daycare and about to start pre-primary education:

  1. Talk to the daycare centre’s staff about your situation.
  2. The daycare staff will be able to help you with the application.

A child is already attending preparatory pre-primary education and about to transfer to first grade:

  1. Enrol your child in school in January in the usual way.
  2. Later in spring, the daycare staff will assess whether your child will require more preparatory education during first grade.
  3. Your child’s early childhood education teacher will ask you to fill in a registration form for preparatory education, if necessary.

Frequently asked questions

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