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Optional language studies

An optional A2 language

Studies in an optional A2 language begin in the 3rd grade and continue until the end of the 9th grade. The A2 languages available in Helsinki are English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Swedish, German and Russian. The pupils will be able to reach the same proficiency level in the A2 language as in the A1 language by the end of the 9th grade.

An optional B2 language

The A2 language is studied 2–3 hours per week, depending on the school's own curriculum. In grades 7–9 the A2 language is studied either as extra lessons or as an optional subject.

The studies in an optional B2 language begin in the 8th grade, with the exception of Latin, which begins in the 7th grade. Optional languages available in Helsinki schools are Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Latin, French, German and Russian. The number of B2 language lessons per week depends on the school's own curriculum.

Latin can be studied as a B2 language at Helsinki Normal Lyseum, Herttoniemen Yhteiskoulu, Suutarinkylä Comprehensive School and Töölön yhteiskoulu. To apply for Latin studies, an applicant must take an aptitude test in January.

The language selection of each school is available in the Helsingin peruskoulut PDF in Finnish (this document is not available in English at the moment). You can also search for the schools on the City of Helsinki Service map, or on the school search webpage (in Finnish). For further information on the optional language studies, please contact the schools directly.

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