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Compulsory language studies

Studies in an A1 language start in the 1st grade

When enrolling in school, pupils select which A1 language they want to study. In Helsinki, the available A1 languages are English, Spanish, Chinese, Northern Sami, French, Swedish, German, Russian and Estonian. The languages listed above are not available in every school. The language selection of each school is available in the guide on basic education in Helsinki and on the school webpages.

Chinese is available as an A1 language at Meilahti Comprehensive School, Lower Stage, and at Itäkeskus Comprehensive School. Studies in A1 Chinese are applied for via an aptitude test held in January.

Further information can be found on school webpages and requested from principals.

How to pick an A1 language?

The choice of the child’s first foreign language is important. The pupil will develop strong skills in the chosen language, and the choice is binding for the duration of basic education. When language studies start in the 1st grade, there is more time to learn the language, and oral skills, in particular, develop rapidly during the first years.

B1 language studies start in the 6th grade

Studies in the second compulsory language, the B1 language, start in the 6th grade. The pupil will study the second domestic language as their B1 language: in Finnish comprehensive education, this is Swedish, unless the pupil has already started Swedish as an A1 or A2 language. In Helsinki, each of the five districts has at least one school where studies in English as a B1 language can be started in the 6th grade.

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