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Extensive bilingual education

In extensive bilingual education, the languages of instruction are the school’s language of instruction (Finnish) and a second language (English, Spanish, Chinese, Northern Sami, Russian or Estonian). The proportion of the second language amounts to a minimum of 25% of the lessons. The school curricula define the proportions of the languages in detail.

The objective of extensive bilingual education is that the pupils achieve strong skills in both languages by the end of the 9th grade. In addition to the A1 language lessons, the schools aim to achieve the objective by offering curriculum-based subjects in the second language.

In bilingual education, the pupil learns the second language while learning other subjects. In addition to this, the second language is also used outside of lessons to provide instructions and in the shared events of the school.

Schools offering extensive bilingual education


Grades 1-6

Grades 1-9

Grades 7-9



North Saami




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