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English-enriched education

A few schools in Helsinki offer English-enriched education as part of their curriculum. In English-enriched education, 10 to 25 percent of the teaching is in English. Language-enriched education encourages and activates pupils to use the second language and develop the different areas of language skills effectively. Studying in two languages develops the child’s problem-solving skills, creative thinking and adaptability. The goals and content of teaching in English-enriched education are the same as in regular basic education.

How to apply to English-enriched education?

English-enriched education is offered at a few local schools. There are no aptitude tests for English-enriched education, but in order to enrol, the pupil must live within the school admission area of one of these schools.

Which schools offer English-enriched education in Helsinki?

English-enriched education is offered in the schools below. Most of the schools offer English-enriched classes in the lower grades only, as the classes have started quite recently.

Learn more about the schools offering English-enriched education on their websites:

For further information or enquiries, please contact:

Anni Holopainen, Education coordinator
tel: +358 9 310 27922

17.06.2021 13:22