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Basic education in English

In basic education in English, also known as English-medium, or English-taught education, all teaching is in English, despite the compulsory Finnish language and literature classes, which are taught in Finnish. A school applicant should have good knowledge of English, but no prior Finnish skills are required when applying to grades 1-7.

What is basic education in English like?

The learning outcomes and core contents in the English-medium basic education are the same as in Finnish-medium basic education. In Ressu Comprehensive School, the English-medium basic education is based on the IB (International Baccalaureate) framework.

How to apply to basic education in English?

To get a place in the English-medium basic education, a pupil must submit an application within the official admission period, and take an aptitude test. The aim of the aptitude test is to assess the applicant’s English skills and readiness to study in a foreign language. When applying to first grade, the applicant does not need to know how to read or write.

Dates and times for the admission periods vary, depending on which school and grade a pupil is applying to. Typically, the schools arrange language aptitude tests once or twice a year, and applications must be submitted within the official admission period.

Make sure that you check the admission periods, and send in your application in time, as applications outside the admission period cannot be processed.

To learn more about the admission periods, entry requirements and admissions policies, go to the Admissions to education in different languages page.

Which schools offer basic education in English in Helsinki?

See list of schools in Helsinki that offer basic education in English below. Learn more about the schools and their English-medium basic education on their websites:

Grades 1-6

Maunulan ala-asteen koulu, primary school in Maunula

Maunulan ala-asteen koulu website
Maunulan ala-asteen koulu on the Service Map

Grades 1-9

Ressun peruskoulu, comprehensive school in Kamppi

Ressun peruskoulu website
Ressun peruskoulu on the Service Map

Grades 7-9

Maunulan yhteiskoulu, lower secondary school in Maunula

Maunulan yhteiskoulu website
Maunulan yhteiskoulu on the Service Map

Kulosaaren yhteiskoulu, lower secondary school in Kulosaari

Kulosaaren yhteiskoulu website
Kulosaaren yhteiskoulu on the Service Map

For further information and enquiries, please contact: 

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