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Admission policies

These policies concern the admissions for basic education in English and bilingual basic education.

  • Everybody can apply, but the availability of places is limited.
  • All applicants must take an aptitude test.
  • The aptitude test has a minimum score that the applicant must achieve in order to be considered eligible. Eligible applicants are placed in order based on their score, and admitted in that order.
  • Admission is open only during specific periods of time. See page How and when to apply for current and upcoming admission rounds.
  • There are two types of admission rounds: the main admission and the supplementary admission for free places.
  • The main admission is for grades 1 and 7. In this admission round, entire new study groups are filled with eligible applicants. These groups start each August, and the admission takes place the previous school year, with an application period between November and January and an aptitude test in January or February.
  • The supplementary admission for free places is for grades 2–6 and 8–9. In this admission round, only the possible remaining free places are filled with eligible applicants. If all places for grades 1 and 7 are not filled in the main admission, the remaining places are also filled in the supplementary admission. The supplementary admission takes place in the spring, with an application period in April–June and an aptitude test in early August.
  • Sometimes schools may still have free places after the first supplementary admission round, or places may become available during the school year. In these cases, it is possible to have another supplementary admission in January, with an application period in November–December.

Entry requirements

Basic education in English

Bilingual education

  • 1st grade in bilingual Finnish-English education: readiness to study in a bilingual environment (The applicant demonstrates this in an aptitude test, which measures the applicant’s general linguistic skills and abilities. The applicant decides whether they want to take the test in Finnish or in English.)

  • Other language combinations and grades: age-appropriate skills in both languages of instruction, meaning that in higher grades a child is expected to have better skills in both languages

Application process

  • Register for the aptitude test within the application period (instructions for current admission rounds, go to How and when to apply). Please note that applications outside the application period cannot be accepted.
  • If you have registered accordingly, you will receive an invitation to the aptitude test. The invitation has more detailed information about the test times and places.
  • There is no need to prepare for the aptitude test – just try your best.
  • The results and the admission decisions for main admission (grades 1 and 7) are sent to applicants in early spring.
  • The results and the admission decisions for supplementary admission to other grades are sent to applicants a few days after the aptitude test by email and later by post.
  • If you are not satisfied with the decision, you can submit an appeal for rectification to the Regional State Administrative Agency. Instructions on how to do this are attached in the decision letter.

For further information and enquiries, please contact:

Anni Holopainen, Education coordinator
tel: +358 9 310 27922

08.06.2021 10:23