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What and how do schools teach?

Each school in Helsinki has a school-specific curriculum, which describes the principles of schoolwork and the special emphases of the school. You can browse Helsinki schools' curricula online at Please note that the site is currently available in Finnish and Swedish only.

Learning takes place in all spaces in the school and its immediate environment, as well as in the whole of the City of Helsinki. The goal of the teaching is to develop the child’s cross-curricular competence and skills needed in the future.

Each child will study at least two long-term, cross-subject and phenomenon-based entities during the school year. Phenomenon-based learning means examining real-world phenomena from a multiple school subjects' point of view. Pupils are encouraged to discuss, inquire and question things.

Weekly school hours

In grades 1 to 2, pupils receive a minimum of 21 hours of teaching a week. The number of hours is increased throughout the duration of comprehensive education so that in grades 7 to 9, the pupils have a minimum of 30 hours of lessons. A school might have a fixed number of weekly hours that exceed the minimum in its curriculum. 

Minimum weekly hours

  • Grades 1—2:  21 weekly hours
  • Grade 3: 22 weekly hours
  • Grade 4: 24 weekly hours 
  • Grades 5—6: 25 weekly hours 
  • Grades 7—9: 30 weekly hours

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