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Support for learning and schoolgoing

Support for learning and schoolgoing is divided into general, intensified and special support. Support measures, such as remedial teaching, part-time special needs education, interpretation and assistant services, and special aids, may be used at all support levels either individually or simultaneously.

General support is intended for all pupils who need support occasionally. General support includes remedial teaching, among other things.

Intensified support is provided for a pupil who needs regular support or several types of support simultaneously in their schoolwork. Intensified support is provided on the basis of a pedagogical evaluation. A pupil receiving such support will study according to an individual education plan.

Special support can be provided for a pupil if intensified support proves to be insufficient. In these cases, the pupil's need for support is significant and long-term and school subjects may need to be individualised.

Special support is based on a pedagogical investigation, and, if necessary, a specialist statement. An official decision will made on the provision of special support to the individual pupil. You may demand rectification of the decision.

An individual education plan (IEP) will be made for any pupil receiving special support.

The decision for special support is made for a fixed term, and it is checked during the 3rd and 6th grades or at some other stage, should the need for support change.

Special support is organised in the pupil's own local school in connection to other teaching, in a special needs class or in a special needs school.

More information about special support can be requested from the principal of your local school or from the Special Planning Officer of your area.

Special Planning Officers

Pop 7 (east): Ville Palkeinen tel. +358 9 310 83038
Pop 5 (northeast): Pihla Alava tel. +358 9 310 80197
Pop 4 (north) and Pop 2 (west): Heini Stenfors tel. +358 9 310 71853
Pop 1 (south): Anni Nurmilahti tel. +358 9 310 71926
Pop 6 (southeast) and Pop 3 (south-central): Jenni Minkkinen
tel. +358 9 310 71827

Most of the e-mail addresses follow this pattern: first name.last  

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