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Flexible basic education

In flexible basic education (JOPO), students learn both at school and at workplaces. On-the-job learning is an important part of the studies. The studies also incorporate excursions and school camps. In addition to teachers, the classes also have youth workers. The maximum class size is 10 students.

Flexible basic education is available for pupils turning 14 that year and older in grades 7 to 9. It is aimed at pupils who are likely not to complete comprehensive school or will not be able to more forward to upper secondary education. Applicants must have at least one year left of their basic education.

Applications to JOPO classes are primarily accepted in the spring term, in March or April, but vacant spots may be filled at other times, as well.

The applicants fill an application form and complement the form with a recommendation from the student welfare staff, as well as a certificate of an on-the-job-learning period or other work experience if available. The application is sent to the student's own school.

All applicants are interviewed. The District Manager for basic education decides on the admissions.

Further information is provided by the school welfare officer or special needs teacher of the student's school.

JOPO classes in schools 2021–2022

Application form: Hakemus joustavan perusopetuksen 7-9 luokalle (pdf)    

Video: Flexible basic education (in Finnish)

More information: School social worker, Education Division planners,
tel. +358 (0)9 310 71926, +358 (0)9 310 80197

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