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After-school activities

After-school activities in basic education are guided leisure activities for 1st- and 2nd-graders and pupils requiring special-needs support, organised after the school day at or near the school. After-school activities are subject to a fee, which includes a snack and insurance.

Application period

Application period for after-school activities in the year 2023–2024 is from 6 March to 1 May 2023

Fill in the application form online and sign it by using strong authentication. If you cannot use the online form or authentication, you can apply by using a paper application form.

You can submit your application at any time during the application period. In terms of allocating places, it does not matter when you send in your application, as long as you submit it during the application period.

How to apply for an after-school activity place for school year 2023–2024

  1. Look at the locations of after-school activities in your area and choose the one that suits you.

    You can browse after-school school activity locations on the Service Map

    By typing your home address or the school's address in the address field you can find locations close to you. Please note that some locations close at 16.00, and some at 17.00.

  2. Save the details of your preferred location.

    For the application, write down the details of your preferred after-school activity location, including the location, address and after-school activity provider.

  3.  Submit an application

    Complete the application form online and sign it with strong authentication (online banking credentials, mobile ID, or ID card with a chip).

    Please note that you will not receive a confirmation message after sending the application. You can save your application in PDF file format. 

    If you cannot use the online form, you apply by paper application form (PDF). 

    Post the printed PDF paper application form to Education Division, After-school activities, P.O. Box 51300, 00099 City of Helsinki, or bring it to our letter box at Töysänkatu 2 D, 00510 Helsinki.

  4. Wait for the decision

    If you apply during the application period, we will post the decision in July. We will not answer status enquiries during the preparation of the decisions.

    All first- and second-graders who apply within the application period will be offered a place in after-school activities. If no place is available at your chosen location, your child will be offered a place in another location in your area.

    If you apply outside the official application period, we cannot guarantee a place for your child. Applications arrived after the official application period will be processed after the start of the school year, considering the number of available places.

How to apply for spring term 2023

If you are applying for spring term 2023 only, please use the application form for school year 2022–2023:

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Questions about applying or application process?

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