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Guide for sixth-graders

When pupils move on from the sixth grade to the seventh grade, they go through a transition phase in their comprehensive education. Sixth grade is the final grade of primary school (alakoulu) and seventh grade marks the start of lower secondary school (yläkoulu). Grades 7-9 often take place in the same school building with primary school grades 1-6, but sometimes the lower secondary school grades 7-9 are offered at a separate school. In this case, the pupil starts 7th grade in a new school, which is usually located close to the primary school.

Find out more about moving on to the seventh grade in the following sections:

For help in practical matters, ask for your local school or visit the school website. Find the schools’ contact information and websites on the School search page.

Important dates in the school year 2021-22

  • 27 October –11 November 2021 Schools may hold information events for guardians. All events will comply with the National Institute for Health and Welfare’s safety and hygiene instructions, as well as instructions regarding gathering restrictions. The dates and times can be found on the schools’ websites at
  • 15 November–15 December 2021 Application period to general education, weighted-curriculum education, bilingual education and basic education in English. 
  • 15 December 2021 Due date to submit the application on Wilma, or as a paper application to the school that is the applicant’s first preference.
  • 12 January–19 February 2022 Aptitude tests for weighted-curriculum education, bilingual education and basic education in English.
  • 18 March 2022 Admission decision letters will be posted.


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