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Guide for sixth-graders

When pupils move on from the sixth grade to the seventh grade, they go through a transition phase in their comprehensive education. Sixth grade is the final grade of primary school (alakoulu) and seventh grade marks the start of lower secondary school (yläkoulu). Grades 7–9 often take place in the same school building with primary school grades 1–6, but sometimes the lower secondary school grades 7–9 are offered at a separate school. In this case, the pupil starts 7th grade in a new school, which is usually located close to the primary school.

Find out more about moving on to the seventh grade in the following sections:

How to apply to Grade 7

 If you are a guardian of a pupil in Grade 6, enrol the pupil to Grade 7 on Wilma by using the Wilma form. Use the same application form to enrol either to a local school or to apply for weighted-curriculum, bilingual or English-language basic education in Grade 7 or to a school other than your own local school. For more detailed instructions on how to fill in the Wilma form, contact your school. Late applications will not be processed. By taking the aptitude test or language test, the pupil agrees to accept the place if the pupil gets selected. When the pupil receives the decision, you do not need to take any further actions to accept the school place. If a pupil applies but is not selected for the school, the pupil is still entitled to a place at the assigned local school.

Application on paper application form

Applicants from other municipalities, in Swedish-language schools and in private schools that do not use Wilma apply to Helsinki City Schools using a paper application form. Applicants who are currently in city schools should request for their school secretary to transfer the information of their paper application to the Wilma form. Applicants from other municipalities of those who do not have Wilma at their school, must submit the application form within the application period to the school that is the pupil’s first choice. Late applications will not be processed.

Find the PDF application form below: 

Application to weighted-curriculum education, bilingual education and English-language education starting in Grade 7, and to school other than the local school in school year 2023–2024, PDF

Admission of pupils from other municipalities

Pupils living in Helsinki are given priority in admissions to the education provided by the City of Helsinki. An applicant who moves to Helsinki is considered a Helsinki resident if, at the time of the admission decision and at the beginning of the school year, the applicant's address according to the Population Information System is in Helsinki. If there are free places left in the groups for weighted-curriculum, bilingual or English-language education after pupils living in Helsinki, pupils living in other municipalities who have passed the aptitude test or language test can also be admitted to the group in order of priority according to the test scores. Guardians of pupils from outside the municipality are responsible for the school journeys and travel costs. The secondary admission procedure follows the same admission criteria and priority is given to applicants from Helsinki.

For help in practical matters, ask for your local school or visit the school website. Find the schools’ contact information and websites on the School search page.

Important dates in the school year 2022–23

  • 24 October –11 November 2022 Schools may hold information events for guardians. The dates and times can be found on the school websites.
  • 14 November–7 December 2022 Application period to general education (local schools, schools other than the local school, weighted-curriculum education, bilingual education and basic education in English).
  • 11 January–9 February 2023 Aptitude tests for weighted-curriculum education
  • 25 January 2023 Language tests for bilingual education, basic education in English, and B2 language studies in Latin
  • 24 March 2023 Admission decision letters will be posted.


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