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Guide for second-graders

In grades 1 to 6, a pupil will study two or three different languages in addition to the mother tongue studies. When pupils move on to the third grade, they can sign up for additional A2 language studies at their own school. Learn more about A2 language studies, language options and registration on the Language studies page.

A pupil can also apply to weighted-curriculum education starting in the third grade. Weighted-curriculum education means instruction that emphasises a certain school subject, such as music, physical education or a language. See the different options for weighted-curriculum education and the schools that offer it in the links below:

Important dates in the school year 2022-23

  • 24 October–11 November 2022 Schools may hold information events for guardians. The dates and times can be found on the schools websites.
  • 14 November–7 December 2022 Application period to weighted-curriculum education
  • 16 January–3 February 2023 Aptitude tests
  • 17 March 2023 Admission decisions will be posted to guardians.

When applying to weighted-curriculum education, the guardian commits to accepting the offered school place. If the pupil is admitted to weighted-curriculum education, the guardian must inform the school principal of the pupil’s current school about it. If a pupil does not get a place, the pupil can continue at the current school without notice.


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