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Comprehensive school enrolment

Compulsory education for children born in 2014 begins in the autumn 2021. All children permanently residing in Finland must attend school. If a child does not know any Finnish or Swedish, they can enrol in preparatory education, which helps them gain the adequate language skills.

Information package for homes

The Education Division mails an information package, including a printed copy of the Welcome to school PDF guide, to the future first graders by the end of November and a compulsory education note in the beginning of January 2021.

Enrolment in school

Enrolment in school is carried out on Asti at between 13 and 29 January 2021. Instructions and further information about the online enrolment will be posted to homes along with the compulsory education note in January 2021. Learn more about the online enrolment here: Online enrolment.

In some situations, you can enrol your child only by visiting the local school. If you apply for permission to start school a year earlier or a year later than usual, your child has been granted permission for extended compulsory education, your child needs special education or you wish to switch from a Swedish-language school to a Finnish-language school, or vice versa. For more information, please see Enrolment at school.

You can enrol by visiting the school on Wednesday 20 January 2021 at 8−10 am or at 5−7 pm.

If a child is attending pre-primary education in a private or state-run school and starts first grade in the same school, the guardian should notify the local school’s principal. The local school is stated in the compulsory education note.

Enrol at school online or by visiting the school (PDF)

Enrolment to weighted-curriculum education, bilingual education and basic education in English

Enrolment has now ended. Aptitude tests were held in February 2021 and the information on the aptitude test results was posted to guardians on 19 February 2021. If you have questions regarding your child’s admission, please contact the school principal who makes the admission decisions.

If you have moved to Helsinki after December 2020, a future first-grader can apply for bilingual education or basic education in English by taking an aptitude test in August 2021. See more detailed information on the admission schedules and instructions for applying on the Admission schedules page.

Pupils moving to Helsinki

When your family moves to Helsinki, contact the principal of your child's local school. Find out what your local school is by entering your home address in the search field on the Service Map website.

Children who don't know any Finnish or Swedish usually start school in preparatory education. You can enrol your child in preparatory education as soon as your family has moved to Helsinki. 

If you are interested in basic education in other languages than Finnish or Swedish, read more about the different options and admissions on the Basic education in different languages page.

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