Comprehensive school enrolment

Compulsory education for children born in 2010 begins in the autumn on 2017. The Education Department mails an information package to the 2017 first graders in the beginning of January in 2017. This package contains a compulsory education note, a guidebook for new pupils and a brochure on afternoon activities.

Enrolment in comprehensive school is done either by visiting the school on 25 January 2017 from 8–10 or from 17–19, or online during 9–25 January 2017 on Online enrolment is not possible in certain situations (see Enrolment at school). 

You should bring the compulsory education note, which bears the name of the child’s local school designated according to the child’s home address. Enrolment should be done at the main school. Necessary forms and advice on various practical matters can be obtained from the school.

If the child seeks to enroll in any other than the local school, or in weighted-curriculum or bilingual instruction (see the bottom of the page), enrolment takes place on 25 January 2017 at the school of the child’s choice.

If the child is admitted to another school than the local school, he/she may lose the unconditional right to be admitted to the local school.

Further information and assistance in online enrolment is available from the Education Department’s information. If a child seeks extended compulsory education, the child’s first year of school consists of pre-school education.

Children of immigrant background with permanent residence in Finland must attend school. If a child’s language skills are not adequate to attend school, he/she may be enrolled in preparatory education.

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