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Helsinki schools use the Wilma web interface, which guardians can use to obtain information about instruction and teaching arrangements. Wilma is used by pupils and students to monitor their studies. It is used at general upper secondary schools to enroll in courses.   

Wilma login

Guardians receive their username and password for Wilma when their child starts school. Guardians select a personal ID code that they use to handle all school-related affairs.

Pupils receive their usernames and passwords from the school.

How does the school use Wilma?

Teachers record on Wilma pupil/student evaluations, upcoming tests and absences, as well as monitoring absence reports from guardians on Wilma. Teachers can communicate with guardians with instant messages. The school can post bulletins, questionnaires and school timetables on Wilma.

How does Wilma serve homes?

Guardians can be in touch with teachers through Wilma in questions concerning instruction, and they can report their children’s illnesses on Wilma. Guardians can check their children’s grades in various subjects and report absences on Wilma. They can read bulletins posted by the school and respond to questions posted by the principal or teachers.

Guardians lose their Wilma username and password when the student turns 18. A legal-age student is responsible for accounting for his/her absences in a manner agreed upon with the school.

How does Wilma serve pupils?

All pupils can check their grades and absences recorded by teachers on Wilma. They can be in touch with teachers with instant messages and read bulletins posted by the school. They can respond to questionnaires on Wilma. They can read school timetables posted on Wilma by the school if the school chooses to publish timetables on Wilma.

Students of general upper secondary schools can make course selections on Wilma.

More information on Wilma and how to use Wilma can be obtained from school assistants.

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