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Co-operation between school and home

The principles of co-operation between school and home are defined in the school curriculum. They include parent meetings, individual parent sessions and electronic communication via the Wilma system

In practice, co-operation and joint activities are agreed upon by the school and guardians. The co-operation is reciprocal.


Before the child starts school, the child’s guardians will receive a notification of compulsory education which includes temporary Wilma login credentials for enrolment in the local school. The Wilma credentials specific to each guardian are provided at the beginning of the autumn term at the school where the child has enrolled.

Via the Wilma system, guardians can receive information on their children’s teaching, learning arrangements and evaluation. They can also report absences electronically. Guardians can also receive school bulletins and communicate with the teachers or the principals on Wilma.

Wilma is also used by pupils and students to monitor their own studies.

Watch these handy YouTube videos to learrn how to use Wilma.

Management board

Each school has a management board that consists of parent representatives nominated jointly by the parents. The Education Committee selects the members of the management board for a term of four years. Among other tasks, the management board approves the school’s action plan annually. Further information on the tasks of the management board.

The schools also have a parent committee, which supports the school’s activities.

Other important information

Anti-bullying programme

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