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School admission

Helsinki is divided into school admission areas. The City places every child in a comprehensive school of his/her area. This school is the so-called local school. The local school may not be the nearest school to a child’s home. The local school can be found on the Service Map or requested from the Education Division’s information services.

The local school primarily admits pupils from its own area. In case of vacancies, the school can admit pupils from other areas. If a pupil is placed in some other school than the local school, his/her guardian is responsible for the costs of school transportation.

A child is entitled to attend some other school than the local school for certain specific reasons. These reasons include language studies, language immersion, and health-related and other special circumstances.

Weighted-curriculum and bilingual education

Schools can offer weighted-curriculum and bilingual education. Pupils are selected for these types of education on the basis of aptitude tests and can come from any part of the city.

If a pupil in these types of education wishes to switch back to his/her local school, he/she can only be admitted to the local school if the school has vacant space.  

School admission criteria

English translation of the school admission criteria in Finnish-language basic education: School admission criteria in Finnish-language basic education (PDF)

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