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Helsinki and the sustainable development goals

Helsinki wants to be a pioneering local implementer of global responsibilities and in September 2018, as the first city in Europe, Helsinki decided to follow New York’s example and submit its voluntary local review of the sustainable development goals (SDG’s) to the United Nations. 

The first part of the reporting has been finished and it has been published on 3 April, 2019 at the Helsinki Symposium. 

The Helsinki City Strategy recognizes many goals by which the city implements the SDG’s. In the first part of the review the Helsinki strategy and its connections to the SDG1 – SDG16 was mapped. The report consolidates the city strategy into three main themes: securing sustainable growth, developing services and responsible management of finances. These themes include fourteen goal clusters that implement at least one SDG on a local level. 

The review highlights the city strategy’s connection to the SDG’s, and illustrates Helsinki’s strategic goals and their measurements. The goals are highlighted with concrete cases, by which the city implements its strategy and, at the same time, the SDG’s. The cases were compiled from the key strategy projects, Carbon Neutral Helsinki 2035 program, city budget and action plans of the different city divisions. 

The review work will be further developed. The final voluntary local review, linked to SDG4, SDG8, SDG10, SDG13 and SDG16, will be completed during the spring. The review will be published in Helsinki in June 2019 and submitted to the UN in July 2019. 

14.06.2019 16:01