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Physical Activity Programme

Project Manager:

Minna Paajanen, Project Manager, Culture and Leisure Division

Tarja Loikkanen, Director of Sports, Culture and Leisure Division

Responsible in the City Executive Group:

Tommi Laitio, Executive Director, Culture and Leisure Division

Smart Cities Sport Summit (PDF)

Current news and events:

Helsinki looks for ways to increase physical exercise with the elderly

Project description:

The city builds up cooperation structures for the promotion of health and welfare and highlights increased mobility and exercise and an Exercise and Mobility Scheme as a pilot project in the health and welfare work. In order to achieve the aims of the strategy, mobility is promoted more and more comprehensively throughout the city’s own public services and in collaboration with residents’ organisations, associations, sports clubs, companies and residents. Exercise and mobility are made attractive and easy to take up. A marketing campaign is started to encourage residents into exercise and mobility.

Both the urban environment and the provision of sports and cultural activities are developed on an equal basis in different parts of town so as to encourage residents to exercise. The city is planned and built in a way that addresses different kinds of people’s needs. Differences between population groups are identified, and public services are targeted on those in need of special support and on high-risk groups. Exercise and mobility are made an integral part of children’s and adolescents everyday life, both at early education and school age. Elderly people, too, are inspired into mobility through sports and exercise and through arts and culture.

Parties and partners:

The City’s own actors: all Divisions of the City of Helsinki and the City’s businesses (public utilities, transport, arts&culture and sports&exercise actors)

Cooperation partners: organisations and civil society actors, companies, scientific communities (UKK Institute, Helsinki University) and international networks of experts.


The steering group of the Scheme plans and coordinates the Scheme and monitors its delivery.

Contacts with existing leadership structures and networks for health and welfare promotion.

A trial working group plans, steers and evaluates trials in various public services.

A working group for marketing and digitalisation is responsible for the visibility of the project.

Continuous monitoring and eveluation is pursued by the City Executive Group.

The Scheme’s relation to the leadership structure for wellbeing is specified when a project for preparing the coordination and leadership structure of the health and welfare promotion is ready and delivered.

Working methods:

Revamping of public services:

  • management through knowledge
  • staff participation and commitment
  • shared planning of different public services
  • systematic and courageous trials
  • use of new technology

Communications and marketing:

  • marketing campaigns
  • revamped information on services
  • social influencing (raise increasing debate in political forums and in media)

Involvement and partnerships:

  • collaboration with partners (non-profit actors and companies)
  • research cooperation
  • using the City’s public services and premises as a trial platform
  • allocations for the promotion of exercise and mobility
  • overt methods for common developing
  • applying a scanning approach to identify high risk groups, to include them into services and to make the service chain even more responsive to the needs of the risk groups


The preparations have already preliminarily identified 20 wholes and themes for monitoring and measuring. For the Exercise and Mobility Scheme, a larger monitoring and measuring system is set up where the most important gauges are matched with the gauges used by the City Strategy and the health and welfare work. International comparisons between cities are drawn upon (WHO).

The mobility goals are made into binding commitments for the City Divisions in 2019.



Beginning on

Launching of the Exercise and Mobility Scheme by the City Executive Group


Mapping of relevant existing surveys, plans, projects and models


Intermediary reports by the City Executive Group

April 2018




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