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Helsinki Maritime Strategy Project

Familiarise yourself with the strategy:

Helsinki Maritime Strategy 2030 (pdf)

Project Manager

Minttu Perttula, Project Manager, Helsinki City Executive Office, economic development

Responsible in the City Executive Group:

Marja-Leena Rinkineva, Director of Economic Development

Project description:

Helsinki’s maritime location is an essential part of its heritage and profile. Yet, the sea and the archipelago have not been appropriately used as an attraction factor for the city.

The work on making the near archipelago better accessible to the public proceeds. To promote recreation opportunities for residents, develop tourist services and boost the city’s general appeal, a Maritime Strategy is drawn up to find ways of improving public access to maritime sites, develop public services in the archipelago, and foster various maritime events.

Helsinki’s archipelago is refined into an even more attractive tourist destination. Drawing on the potential of the archipelago, an international biennale for public art is set up.


The aim is to formulate and start to implement a Maritime Strategy for Helsinki and, thereby, to account for planned and launched projects, business enterprise, planning and similar activities.

Parties and partners:

The City’s own actors: Urban Environment Division, Culture and Leisure Division, Helsinki City Executive Office, Helsinki Marketing, Port of Helsinki, Helen (Helsinki Energy).

Cooperation partners: residents, cafés, cottage rentals, sports entrepreneurs, boat transport entrepreneurs, saunas, civic organisations, environmental organisations, residents’ associations, universities, Uusimaa Regional Council, Ministry of the Environment, Finnish Environment Institute, Visit Finland, Senate Properties, Metsähallitus (national forestry authority), the cities of Espoo and Vantaa and cottage owners, tourists and others who live by the sea.


A full-time project manager has been appointed (Minttu Perttula).

A project organisation is recruited among city employees.

A cooperation network is set up for the City and the entrepreneurs, civic organisations and other actors.

Writing the Strategy, preliminary budgeting, responsibilities and time table; organisation.

Decision level and time table:

Decisions about the project are made by the Economic Development subcommittee and the City Board. The City Board approved the maritime strategy at its meeting on 11 March 2019.

Project time table:

Strategy proposal ready for decision by autumn 2018.

The City Board approved the proposed strategy in March 2019.

The strategy extends to year 2030.

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