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Health and Welfare Promotion Project

Health and well-being for everyone.

The welfare plan was adopted by the CIty Council 19.6.2019.

Project managers:

Tommi Laitio, Executive Director of the Culture and Leisure Division, Chairman of the Executive Group from 1.9.2020 

Liisa Pohjolainen, Executive Director of the Education Division , Chairman of the Executive Group 22.8.2018–31.8.2020

Juha Jolkkonen, Executive Director of the Social Services and Health Care Division, Chairman of the preparatory working group, 2018

Stina Högnabba, Special planner, Health and Welfare coordinator

Responsible in the City Executive Group:

Tommi Laitio, Executive Director of the Culture and Leisure Division

Project description:

The City puts collaboration structures in place for health and welfare promotion and highlights increased exercise and mobility as a pilot project in its health and welfare work.


The aim is to create, for the promotion of health and welfare, a coordination and management structure that comprises actors within Helsinki City as also important cooperation partners, and to describe which responsibilities, roles, tasks and members are included in the structure.

One of the starting points for the work is the current legislation on tasks and structures in health and welfare promotion, another these described tasks and division of work for actors at municipal and county level.

Welfare is seen in Helsinki in a broad sense, and the City wants to provide opportunities for a good life to all residents. Through health and welfare promotion, differences in health and welfare between population groups are reduced, while also the wellbeing, health, inclusion as well as working and functional capacity of residents is kept up and furthered, as is mental health, and while illness, accidents, exclusion and deprivation are prevented. The fact that today people on the whole exercise and move around so little is a challenge for the public health, and consequently the City Strategy highlights exercise and mobility as a leading theme for health and welfare promotion in Helsinki.

More info from the HYTE-secretaries: Stina Högnabba, HYTE coordination (City Executive Office, Strategy), Tarja Saarinen and Mia Mäntymaa (Social Services and Health Care Division), Pertti Joona (Education Division), Suvi Määttä (City Executive Office, City Data), Päivi Kuusela (Culture and Leisure Division), Maria Jaakkola and Heikki Hälvä (Urban Environment Division).

Material (in Finnish):

Presentation of new practices in health&welfare promotion (pptx)

Report on the new practice (pdf)

Video: What is the city administration’s health and welfare scheme like in future?
- Juha Jolkkonen and Tommi Laitio present their own views.

What is health and welfare promotion about?

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