Strategy Programme

The City Council endorsed the strategy programme for the council term 2013-2016 in their meeting on 24.4.2013. The City of Helsinki strategy programme aligns the operations of the city departments, public utilities and the group corporates.

The strategy programme brings forward the City’s central objectives and development focuses as well as the most important steps for the council term 2013-2016.

The City of Helsinki Strategy Programme 2013-2016

The Strategy Programme 2013–16 pocket brochure

The strategy programme is divided into four main issues:

1. To promote wellbeing of residents
2. Helsinki full of life force
3. Functional Helsinki
4. Well-balanced economy and good management

Democracy and participation are linked with all four issues. The strategy also comprises the vision, values and ethical principles of the City of Helsinki.

Helsinki vision

Helsinki is her citizens’ communal place of residence and the nation’s capital where services run smoothly and decision making is transparent and science, arts and creativity flourish.

Helsinki is a world class business and innovation centre whose success will benefit not only Helsinki residents but also the whole country.

The Metropolitan Area is being developed as an integral area where nature is close by and where it is good to live, learn, work and do business.

The values of Helsinki

- Resident orientation
- Ecology
- Justice and equality
- Economy
- Inclusion and participation
- Business friendliness

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