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Safety and Preparedness

Sofiankatu 2
00170 Helsinki
P.O. Box 1, 00099 City of Helsinki
+358 9 310 1641
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Safety and preparedness coordination

The Safety and Preparedness Unit in the City Executive Office coordinates the city’s general safety and security matters, steers the preparedness of the city and takes initiatives to find new solutions and practices. The unit cooperates closely with the city's divisions and enterprises, the Helsinki Police Department, The Finnish Defence Forces, other cities and municipalities, the state administration as well as various organisations and residents. The unit’s operations help to lay the foundation for a safe and pleasant city.

The unit’s key responsibilities are:

-Steering of local safety and security planning in Helsinki. Local safety and security planning is implemented in extensive cooperation with other actors. This is done with careful consideration to the guidelines of national decisions in principle and national plans of action.

- The steering of the city’s continuity management and emergency preparedness as well as steering and supporting the central administration's and the divisions' actions and preparations related to crisis containment and management.

-Cooperation between the City and other safety and security authorities. The unit develops cooperation between the safety and security authorities of the City and the State administration. The unit’s main partner is the Helsinki Police Department, and employs a police coordinator who has a background with the police force. 

-Promotion of multidisciplinary cooperation to prevent social exclusion of young people. The unit cooperates with youth work authorities and organisations.

-Development and implementation of practices that improve everyday resident safety and participation in cooperation with other actors.

-Support for local networks and actors in situations requiring multidisciplinary cooperation to solve local problems related to safety and quality of life.

The unit also functions as an expert organisation that deals with questions related to the development of the City's safety and security operations.

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