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Rescue Department, Helsinki

Agricolankatu 15
00530 Helsinki
P.O. Box 112, 00099 City of Helsinki
+358 9 310 1651
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Rescue operations

The Helsinki City Rescue Department is responsible for fire and rescue operations in the city area 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Rescue operations that cross city borders are governed by a cooperation agreement between the rescue authorities of Helsinki and Eastern, Central and Western Uusimaa.

The service level of the Helsinki City Rescue Department is defined in a service level order. Operational readiness, equipment, capabilities and staff resources are defined for different emergency risks.

The rescue department operates 9 rescue stations in different parts of the city. Eight of these 9 stations operate 24 hours a day. The Suomenlinna rescue station is open from the beginning May until the end of August. The Emergency Response Centre dispatches the nearest rescue unit to fire and rescue operations. Each rescue station employs a rescue unit.

One of Helsinki’s 15 contracted rescue brigades are deployed as necessary. Click here to visit the Helsinki City Rescue Department's webpage

What to do in an emergency

Most fires and other emergencies are caused by human error. Everybody should keep in mind care in handling fire, caution in traffic and emergency prevention.

In case of emergency, everybody is mandated by law to stop at the scene of the emergency, perform all rescue operations within their abilities and make an alarm. Always help if you can – put out a small fire, administer first aid, warn and guide others, and call the emergency number 112.

The emergency number 112 must always be called in urgent, real emergencies when life, property or the environment is in danger or if there is cause to suspect such danger.

When you call the emergency number 112, answer all questions asked, act according to the instructions given, and do not hang up before you are given permission to do so.




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