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Rescue Department, Helsinki

Agricolankatu 15
00530 Helsinki
P.O. Box 112, 00099 City of Helsinki
+358 9 310 1651
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Civil defence

Civil defence refers to all measures taken under emergency conditions to protect people, property and the environment as well as urgent steps taken to minimise damage and repercussions in case of accidents or imminent threat of accidents. Under normal conditions, civil defence refers to preparedness for the above-mentioned tasks.

Civil defence districts in Helsinki

Helsinki is divided into 8 civil defence districts, 34 civil defence zones and 137 civil defence sub-zones. The division coincides with the general division of the city into districts.

The personnel assigned to civil defence districts, zones and sub-zones are mostly employees of the city. They have been trained for their duties under normal conditions.

In emergency situations, Helsinki’s rescue operations and civil defence are directed from the Rescue Command Centre. The command centre’s duties include alerting the public, protecting people and managing evacuation in the city area.

Civil defence management, international agreements and legislation

The Ministry of the Interior steers civil defence planning with legislation, regulations and emergency preparedness drills organised with the local authorities subordinate to the ministry.

International agreements regarding civil defence have been established in the Geneva Conventions and their supplementary protocols. On the national level, civil defence is regulated by the Rescue Act and related statutes. Civil defence is further governed by the Emergency Powers Act and the State of Defence Act.

The international symbol for civil defence is a blue triangle on an orange background.

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Civil Defence Museum

History and present day of Civil Defence in Helsinki.