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Volunteer Helsinki

Kuorojen kierros kokosi helsinkiläiskuorot yhteen Juhlaviikkojen avaustapahtumassa. Photo: Seppo Laakso / City of Helsinki

Volunteer activities provide meaningful ways of spending time and having memorable experiences. Volunteering will help you meet new people outside your ordinary circle of friends and create unforgettable moments.

Volunteer Helsinki

Residents can influence common issues, volunteer and help to create city culture through a variety of associations and societies.

The activities of neighbourhood associations can be reviewed on the neighbourhood pages maintained by Helsinki Neighbourhoods Association Helka.

Sports clubs

Youth activities
City of Helsinki support for youth organisations
Finnish Red Cross
Children of the Station (Aseman lapset)

Patient organizations
Organizations for the disabled

Allotment garden associations are responsible for allotment garden activities in Helsinki.
DODO Ry is an association that promotes urban gardening.

Volunteers are needed, for example, as Cultural Pals and for work among the elderly. Help for potential volunteers to get started is provided by the volunteering coordinators (page in Finnish). 

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