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Current projects

Current affairs related to participation are highlighted by the news section of this page, and other related topics are discussed on the pages of City departments. This page gives readers an introduction to the City’s planning processes and decision making that citizens can influence.

It is possible to submit proposals to the platform about how to use the funds allocated to participatory budgeting. The brainstorming and commenting of ideas continues in workshops and on the OmaStadi platform until 9 December 2020. Click here to check out OmaStadi.

Participation news

Voice your opinion Kerrokantasi.helfi . Join us in developing the city and participate in open hearings.  

Participate in city planning with comments and in discussions

The City Planning pages contain information about current town plans as well as traffic plans. The stages in which planning can be influenced can be found by reviewing the planning process and participation page.

A participation and evaluation plan is put on display during the first stage of the planning process. This plan is next followed by a town plan draft together with its background materials and finally by plan proposals open for comments. Comments can be submitted to the City Planning Department either by using a using our feedback form or directly contacting the planners

Areas under planning are listed under the City Planning pages.

Street and park planning can be reviewed and participated in on the pages of the Public Works Department. Participation in the planning takes place by contacting planners, by joining public meetings in which plans are presented, and by responding to resident surveys.

You can have more direct influence by helping to maintain public areas as a Park Pal. Helsinki currently has about 500 Park Pals. Click here to find out more abou the Park Pal initiative

Mun Stadi provides a channel for youth to participate and organise their own activities in Helsinki. Click here to find out more about Mun Stadi's activities.

Monitor decision making

The agendas of the City Council, City Board, committees and boards can be reviewed on the decision making pages prior to the meetings of these decision making bodies. The pages also contain information about the members of the decision making bodies to contact.

The Development decisions service can be used have a quick glance at the latest decisions related to any neighbourhood. As it is in the Beta version, it is currently only available in Finnish. Click here to check out the Development Decisions Beta page.

The City's departments and City Group companies provide information about current projects and public meetings on their pages. Events and surveys are also announced on this page. Click here to visit City departments and City Group companies.

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