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Instructions and information on giving feedback

The feedback that you give is forwarded to the feedback system of the City of Helsinki. The feedback system makes it easier to process the feedback equally and utilise it in the development of the city operations. The processing status and the answers can also be followed.

The feedback system’s description of file can be viewed at (under Kaupunginkanslia/Stadskansliet, also available in English)

Giving feedback

An inhabitant of the municipality can give the city praise and blame, ask, suggest improvements and report faults or a need for repair. All feedback will be considered.

Feedback can be given:

  • on the City website, either at or on the departments’ feedback pages
  • on the service map
  • verbally, by asking an official to write down your matter into the feedback system
  • if the feedback form is out of order, you can also send your feedback by email to

Feedback can be given using a name, a pseudonym or anonymously. If the contact information has been stated, a reply will be sent to this address by email.

A resident of the municipality will get a notification to his or her email address, when a message has arrived or it has been transferred to the feedback system. The processing status of the message can be traced using the individual code in the message.

The following data security issues should be considered in the feedbacks and emails:

  • the risk of delivery of an electronic message is borne by the sender (Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector, 13/2003, Section 8). If a deadline has been set for the delivery of the document, the sender shall be responsible for meeting that deadline (Administrative Procedure Act, 434/2003, Section 17).
  • they must not contain personal information, bank information, information about wealth or health, or any other very sensitive or personal information
  • the feedback channel must not be used for sending statutory claims, complaints or demands for rectification. Official contacts should be addressed to the City of Helsinki registry office,

A message containing sensitive information is not answered by email. These matters should be treated in some another way, for example, by calling or paying a visit.

Processing of the feedback

The City’s information service Helsinki Info processes all feedback submitted through the city’s common feedback form.

  • checks the feedback in accordance with the common instructions
  • classifies the feedback; limits the visibility of feedback that includes sensitive information
  • forwards the feedback to departments for answering
  • publishes the feedback, if the sender of the feedback has given permission to do so and the feedback is publishable.

The departments process the feedback submitted through their websites in a similar way.


The departments have named persons in charge, who are responsible for replying to the feedback. The answering time for feedback is about a week.

All feedback cannot be answered immediately. Your feedback may require discussions between the person in charge and even several experts. They agree on an answer and who writes the final answer. In the feedback system, the person who the feedback is directed at can ask other people for comments or move the feedback to another person. The comments are not visible in the answer you get.

In some cases, the discussion started through the feedback channel is not enough and there is a need for a more personal interaction. It is then preferable to agree with the other party, how the processing of the matter will continue outside the feedback system.


The City has different channels, where the feedback and the answer to it can be published:

The feedback is published on the website and the service map along with the arrival time, headline, content and name or pseudonym. Contact information such as email address is not published.

A permit to publish is included in the feedback form on the City’s website, and if it has been granted, then the feedback and the answers can be published. However, the publishability of the feedback and the communicative target of the publishing are always estimated. For example, many feedbacks concerning the same thing are not always published.

The priority in the publishing lies with relevant, to-the-point and current feedbacks and questions, where the given answer is beneficial to other users as well.

Besides the communicative reasons stated above, feedback is not published if:

  • the giver of the feedback has not given permission to do so or the feedback has been submitted through email
  • it is inappropriate or spam
  • it includes personal and sensitive information about a person
  • it includes patient and client information used in the social and health services
  • it includes directly or indirectly racist comments or questions
  • a person is mentioned recognisably or by name in a very negative tone

The people who process the feedback may edit the feedback for publishing, for example, by correcting minor misspellings, removing inappropriate words, links or personal and contact information.

Feedback that is contrary to Finnish legislation is marked inappropriate, for example if the feedback:

  • includes a defamation of character
  • distributes private or confidential information 

In case of a misdemeanour the computer address of the provider of the feedback can be traced by the technical experts of the system. This always requires an official investigation request from the police authorities.

The web communications of the City of Helsinki Executive Office is responsible for the publishing principles of feedback.

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